Subscriptions and Fees

Whitchurch Hockey Club is committed to making hockey affordable for all players, and the committee has worked hard to push down subscriptions and match fees over the last couple of seasons. As a result, we are now one of the most affordable clubs in the area, in terms of our subscriptions and our match fees, which makes it even more important that every player makes their contributions in good time each season and each weekend.

Subscriptions for 2020-21 (remain unchanged)

Subscriptions cover the cost of your membership to the club, including registration with the leagues and hockey associations, player insurance and other administrative overheads:

  • Seniors £85
  • Students (full-time or further education or juniors playing in senior teams) £45
  • Juniors (U16 / Year 11 and below) £30
  • Academy (U12 / Year 7 and below) £15
  • Associates (non-playing members) £20

All subs must be paid by TBC (although preferably earlier) after which an additional £5 admin fee will be due if you want to continue playing. Subs should be paid to the team captains or treasurer (James Partington).

Match Fees for 2020-21 (remain unchanged)

Match fees have not increased this season as we attempt to minimise the cost of playing but cover cost of pitch hire for senior games and club training, travel to away games, coaching and any ongoing costs related to playing:

  • Seniors £6
  • Students / Juniors £5
  • Academy £4

Training Fees for 2020-21

A training fee of £4 per session is charged for junior and academy coaching, to cover additional pitch hire and transport costs. Where training is paid in advance, on a half-termly basis, the fee is reduced to £3 per session.

Senior training is free to those playing regularly for senior teams. If we you want to join training without playing there will be a charge of £4 per session.

Senior, Junior and Academy hockey in North Shropshire