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Blow-by-blow accounts of the latest (hopefully) action…

Ladies match reports 27/09/14

Neston South Wirral ladies 4s   0    Whitchurch ladies 1s    14

Yet another stunning victory for our Whitchurch Ladies 1st this weekend with an astonishing 14-0 victory over Neston. This away game saw fast passed action from start to finish, with Whitchurch building on their previous success to gain the biggest goal difference to date.

Our team had a stunning conversion rate in our short corners, resulting in commendable goals. Jane ‘Crow’ Williamson scored an extraordinary goal with a run all the way up the field to the opposition’s goal.

Debutante Nicola Workman saw plenty of action as she went on to score five of our goals with panache and Chloe Crump, one of our younger players went on to score a fantastic three goals for the team.

Sue Read, whilst scoring one of her four goals, literally ran around every player in the Dee to score with flare.

Both Catherine Gresty and Jess Kimberley made some superb shots into the Dee setting up some great goals. Hannah Morgan-Wynn really championed pushing the ball forward to enable the goals we scored, with Julia Neale working relentlessly on the wing to support our victorious efforts.

Monique Higgs our goalkeeper didn’t see much action this Saturday as the fabulous defence team Claire Roberts, captain Catherine Reece-Gresty and Jane Williamson guarded the goal valiantly as Neston attempted to push forwards.

Lisa Sullivan got the Whitchurch player of the match and the final goal.

The 1s entertain Crewe 3s in their next match 12.00 start at the Whitchurch Leisure Centre.


Crewe Vagrants ladies 3s 2 Whitchurch ladies 2s   0

The first half of the match was evenly balanced with both teams having plenty of chances on goal. There were some blistering runs down both sides of the pitch from Ellie Windsor and Phoebe Jones but the team just lacked the finishing touch. A quick break by Crewe’s player of the match saw the opening goal just before half time.

Crewe started the second half with more determination but thanks to great work by debut keeper, Emily Hilton, the goal tally remained unchanged. Constant pressure from midfield players Becky Brookfield, Charlotte Ridgeway and Hayley Busby thwarted many of the Crewe offensives.

Crewe squeezed a second goal from a rather untidy short corner in the closing stages of the game. The Whitchurch players never gave up and can take heart from a good performance and look forward to their next match at home against Neston South Wirral 3s starting at 15.00 at the Whitchurch Leisure centre.

Ladies match reports 20/09/14

Oxton 3rds   1                   Whitchurch Ladies 1st 3

The pitch was electric with excitement and after a shaky start Whitchurch Ladies settled into what was set to be an exhilarating away game, which resulted in an astounding 3-1 victory for our Ladies.

Although we began slowly, we soon built momentum with some amazing runs from Jess Kimberly and Sue Read, with fantastic support from Lisa Sullivan and Cath Gresty, and this phenomenal teamwork resulted in a goal scored by a fiercely powerful shot from Cath Gresty in the First Half.

Oxton seemed to rally and meet their guest with more determination…but our outstanding defence team Sal Pearce and Sarah Williams, not to mention our nimble Goalkeeper Gwyn Thomas-Reese ensured we entered half time with a 1-0 lead.

As we entered the second half, it looked as though Oxton was ready and looking to claw the game back. However, yet again our extraordinary defenders managed to deflect their advances with some cracking tackles from Claire Roberts. Then, with a brilliant ball from Julia Neal, Vicki Price was enabled to score. However, with their attention diverted Oxton managed to secure their one and only goal of the game, taking the score to 2-1 to our Ladies.

During the second half Cath Gresty-Reece took a nasty blow to the ankle, however she soldiered on and gave highly motivational direction throughout. Then, after a few short corner opportunities, Lisa Sullivan converted a fabulous injection in the last few nail-biting minutes to Whitchurch’s third and final goal and a well-deserved woman of the match goes to Lisa Sullivan.


Whitchurch ladies 2nd 0       Warrington Ladies 2nds 4

The score line doesn’t do justice to how well the young Whitchurch side played. Through out the first half Whitchurch took the game to Warrington ladies and were disappointed when Sharon English slotted home the ball only for it to be disallowed.

The second half saw a reversal of rolls Warrington started the quicker of the two teams and scored an early goal. Whitchurch showed their inexperience by chasing the game and leaving gaps in defence, which Warrington exploited with two break away goals in quick succession. Whitchurch regained their composure but failed to convert shots from Nicola and Laura Workman. In the finial minutes Warrington scored their final goal.

U13s CVL – 20 Sep 2014

A great performance from the Whitchurch players yesterday on our first outing at the Shropshire-organised U13s Central Venue League.  We were able to lend 2 players to Shrewsbury as they were short, so everyone got lots of play.

Results as follows:

Game 1 vs Shrewsbury. Whitchurch won 4-2 with goals from Ben Kimberley (3) and Morgan Chapman.

Game 2 vs Telford.  Whitchurch won 3-2 with another hat-trick from Ben Kimberley.

Game 3 vs William Brooke’s. Whitchurch lost 5-2, with our goals coming from Locki Price and Morgan Chapman.  William Brooke’s were an outstanding team, so we did really well with some great defending and goalkeeping from Aaron Swain.

Huge thanks to all the players and parents, and especially to Claire Hamer for running the team on the day.

Match Reports 13/09/14

Whitchurch Ladies 1s   2            Alderley Edge Ladies 6s  0

Whitchurch 1st team started their Cheshire Division 5 campaign with a well deserved victory against Alderley Edge 6s.

Whitchurch started the game slowly as they shook off the pre-season rust and lack of match practice. Throughout the first half Whitchurch struggled to find their first touch and sting together a combination of passes but could have taken an early lead as Sue Read steered the ball just past Alderley’s post.

The second half saw Whitchurch concentrate on the basics of passing and moving and within five minutes took the lead when a Sue Read shot rebounded off the keeper and Jess Kimberley fired home. Whitchurch continued to pressure with Lisa Sullivan pulling the strings in the centre of midfield and a fine run down the right wing by debutant Emily Vernon saw Sullivan pick out Read in the dee to score the second of the game.

Alderley could have got back in the game but a fine save by another debutant Bethany Wright in goal kept Whitchurch in the game giving them a first and well deserved win to start their league campaign.


Whitchurch Ladies 2s 2            Golbourne Ladies 2s  4

Whitchurch ladies 2s started their first game in Cheshire Division 5 fielding six debutant’s to the ladies section from last years Academy players.

Golbourne started the stronger of the two teams and during the first half some nerves crept into the Whitchurch girls which Golbourne exploited to take a three goal advantage at half time.

Whitchurch settled their nerves in the second half and began to show promise maintaining possession and from one of this spells Nicola Workman picked out Chloe Crump to pull a goal back and reward their efforts. Golbourne scored a fourth from a neat interchange of passing before Katie Goodwin deftly slid a pass through for Crump to score a second.

Whitchurch had a final opportunity in the final seconds when Laura Workman scrambled the ball just wide of the Golbourne post.

Despite the result Whitchurch learnt alot and showed great potential for the upcoming season.

Whitchurch 1s travel away to Oxton 3s whilst Whitchurch 2s entertain Warrington 2s at home next week starting at 12.30 at Whitchurch Leisure Centre.