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Match Report – 03-12-22

Golborne Men’s 2s 7 Whitchurch Men’s 2s 1

Whitchurch travelled away to face top of the league in a late start. Golborne took the game to Whitchurch from the start with a combination of strong running and quick passing and were in front within 5 minutes.

Whitchurch throughout the game caused Golborne issues on the break with the speed down the wings from Airan Jones and Alfie Williams. Whitchurch created chances but failed to take advantage forcing some excellent saves from the Golborne keeper.

Golborne had no such issues scoring from two penalty corners to give them a three goal lead at half time.

Whitchurch’s halftime talk was positive focusing on a few areas of improvement and they again went into the second half riding their luck as some excellent defending from Danny Foulkes, Harry Foulkes, Lucas Hill and Pip Jones and some inspirational saves from captain Neil Jones on his birthday kept Whitchurch in the match.

The Whitchurch midfield battled throughout the game with Will Edwards, Ethan Gresty and Tom Edwards working till the final minute. This resulted in Whitchurch picking out Joe Chesters who calmly accelerated away from the Golborne defence and beat the Golborne keeper.

Golborne scored on the break as Whitchurch were caught out of position. With ten minutes to go Golborne scored from a penalty corner and despite the Whitchurch appeals that it hit the back of the attackers stick the goal was awarded and Whitchurch reduced to ten players. It was only then a matter of time before Golborne scored their final goal from another well worked penalty corner.

Whitchurch finished the game with heads low after their efforts but after a final talk from their captain and some praise for their efforts soon got them look forwarding to taking on Warrington in the last league match before the Christmas break.

Whitchurch Men’s 1s 3 – Macclesfield Men’s 2s 5

Whitchurch had another tough game this week against a skilful and well-organised Macclesfield team, and were under pressure from the first minute. Macclesfield used a high press to good effect, and Whitchurch had a day where nothing quite clicked so weren’t able to take advantage of the space that a high press leaves. Macclesfield went ahead early on, with numbers in the dee turning into two goals despite the heroics from Paul “Sturge” Leigh in goal. The Reds couldn’t quite get out from the back, and their passes and runs were cut out and pressure immediately reapplied, and eventually it left them two goals down and with a mountain to climb.

Thankfully at the other end, some great work down the right hand side of the pitch had Joe Coburn slip a ball through to Chris Ruscoe coming in at speed, and he was able to fire the ball into the net. Shortly after, the Reds got their second, with a hacky tackle in the dee leading to a penalty stroke which captain Jack Barnes put away well.

Two-all at half time was a good result given how under-the-cosh the Reds had been for large parts of the game so far, but in the second half Macclesfield started strongly and were able to grab three more goals despite some last-ditch defending and some great work by Sturge in goal. The Reds struggled to put together any fluency for the first twenty minutes of the second half, and were on the back foot as attempts to work the ball out from the back would find a tackle or an interception and the pressure would be back on. They did, though, start to find their rhythm with some good build-up play down both wings and some excellent work driving into the dee, but Macclesfield were very strong at the back, and their keeper had a good game, and it was hard for the Reds to get decent end-product from their efforts.

In the last few minutes of the game, Whitchurch had two chances: the first was a well-worked drive down the right with the ball fired across the dee and Tom Forster was millimetres away from getting on the cross to tap it into the goal. He made up for it a minute or so later as a scramble in the dee came to him and he fired it goalward and it took a deflection and looped up into the air and made its way over everyone to land in the goal.

It was a good comeback from Whitchurch, but just a little too late in the game to change the result. A tough and frustrating game for them, knowing from the previous game just how well they can play as a team, but Macclesfield were a decent team and deserved the win.

Whitchurch ladies 1s 7 Warrington ladies 1s 0

This week Whitchurch ladies 1s greeted Warrington 1s at home.

The game got off to a steady start, but we needn’t worry, Whitchurch’s first goal was on its way, a short corner was won and Molly Fry promptly put the ball through the keeper’s legs. Excellent running down the line from Jasmin Williams shortly led to a cross into the back post from Cath Gresty, which was then quickly converted into a goal by Phoebe Jones.

Warrington were kept in their own half most of the game due to excellent pressure from the midfield, Lisa Sullivan creating lots of opportunities from the centre. With Mollie Bell holding the left hand side of the pitch and Tilly James on the right, blocking any attacks from Warrington, often turning them into an amazing counter attack. Any balls that did manage to sneak through the midfield were swiftly picked up by Hermione Ball and Chloe Lloyd at the back.

A run along the baseline from Lisa Sullivan was then put in the net by Cath Gresty, bringing the score at half time to 3-0 to Whitchurch.

The second half got off to a great start with Cath Gresty making a run down the line and crossing the ball into Molly Fry, who placed the ball in the back of the goal. Another goal was to follow very shortly, a run into the Dee from Poppy Huxley was picked up by Cath Gresty who had an excellent strike on goal, scoring her second of the game.

Phoebe Jones was to score her second goal of the game in a short corner for Whitchurch, Holly Edwards made a pass to the back post where Phoebe was waiting to deflect the ball into the goal. More excellent play outfield kept Warrington out, with goalkeeper Megan Nicholson keeping the ball out of the Whitchurch goal.

A short corner in the last minutes of the game was converted into a final goal for Whitchurch by Hayleigh Busby, leaving the final score at 7-0 to Whitchurch.

Next week Whitchurch ladies 1s will travel away to play Knutsford 1s.

Match reports 26-11-22

Whitchurch Ladies 2s 1 Crewe Vagrants Ladies 2s 2

Whitchurch faced a high-flying Crewe side and were dealt a blow when one of their players withdrew with illness before the start.

Whitchurch took the game to Crewe from the start and camped high up the pitch for the first ten minutes of the game. Catherine Reece-Gresty bravely diving into a tackle received a blow to the head as the ball defected off sticks which ruled her out for the remainder of the match.

Whitchurch rearranged the formation with Captain Emma Stubbs controlling and organising the team from defence supported brilliantly by Poppy Huxley and Lucy Hearn.

Lisa Sullivan controlled the midfield supporting the defence and also creating the Whitchurch attacks setting off the Whitchurch attacks down the right wing through Poppy Gilbert and down the left via Freya Gresty.

Despite their best-efforts Whitchurch tired as the half went on and Crewe took the lead before halftime.

Whitchurch continued the second half much as the first, but Crewe took full advantage of their extra players and the space it gave them to draw a series of fine saves from keeper Caroline Wynn.

Whitchurch continued to push forward and Phoebe Jones broke from the halfway line only to see the diving keeper smother her shot.

Whitchurch had a string of well worked penalty corners which saw Gresty deflect past the post before Sophie Jones slotted her shot into the bottom corner.

Crewe finally broke through the Whitchurch defence and scored a second, but Whitchurch managed to frustrate them and deserve great credit for their efforts playing the majority of the game with only nine players.


Whitchurch Mens’s 2s 4 Knutsford Men’s 2s 5

Whitchurch fielded their youngest team of the season containing only three Over 18s against an experienced Knutsford team. The game remained very even with Knutsford using their experience to control the game and Whitchurch using their speed and fitness to cause havoc on the break.

Whitchurch took an early lead when a Will Edwards shot was deflected home by Harry Foulkes on the back post. Knutsford soon drew level with a well worked short corner.

Whitchurch then had a series of penalty corners from which Danny Foulkes gave Whitchurch the lead and Knutsford again drew level with another penalty corner to leave the scores level at the break.

Knutsford came out after the break and pressured the Whitchurch defence of Lucas Hill, Charlie Edwards, Liam Pallet and Thomas Wyndham Lewis with the occasional diving save required from captain Neil Jones.

Knutsford took the lead for the first time in the match. Whitchurch continued to move the ball at pace down the wings via Niko Moga and Olivier Edwards and this led to Joe Chesters breaking into the dee to draw Whitchurch level.

Whitchurch again drew ahead as an Archie Phews pass was struck by Tom Edwards at goal hitting the defender on the line. Chesters calmly stepped up and converted the penalty flick.

Knutsfords experience showed in the last 10 minutes as the Whitchurch team tired and some frustration showed Knutsford scored two quick goals to give them the victory.


Crewe Vagrants Men’s 2s 2 Whitchurch Men’s 1s 0

Whitchurch had a tough game this week against league-leaders Crewe and went into it knowing they would have to play some of their best hockey to get a result from this game. They came up against a well-drilled, skilful and technically astute team who applied pressure from the first whistle. Paul “Sturge” Leigh was in action several times, making critical blocks and diving saves to keep Crewe at bay, but Crewe’s high press meant there was little time for the Reds to build up play without being closed down, and any slight mistakes were taken advantage of quickly.

Crewe deservedly went ahead with two well-worked goals, including a nicely played short-corner routine after a lucky call on a Whitchurch foul, where they’d adjusted their routines to skip the first strike and instead fire at someone running in with a flat stick, which popped the ball over Sturge at high speed. The Reds, though, struggled to find fluency, to keep hold of the ball, or to make enough runs forward, and half time was a welcome break.

The second half, though, probably represents one of the better halves of hockey that Whitchurch have played in a long while. The intensity, the marking, the running off the ball, the pass selection, the defending and the teamwork were all vastly better. It was Crewe getting frustrated, rather than Whitchurch, and the Reds put together some excellent passages of play, not letting their heads drop. There were no further goals in the game, but Whitchurch were in the ascendency and played the sort of hockey that would have easily had a draw or a win from the game had they been able to play that way in both halves.

Crewe were the better team over the whole game, and deserved their win, but Whitchurch can take a lot from a game against probably the best side in the league and will look to turn that to future successes.


Macclesfield Ladies 2s 1 Whitchurch ladies 1s 6

This week Whitchurch ladies travelled away to Macclesfield, doubtful, as they lacked a few regular players. Before long however, Whitchurch scored their first goal, with lovely play through the lines from Molly Fry and Holly Edwards, leading to a strike on goal from Mollie Bell, who had already run the down half the pitch.

This play continued, and a pass in from Jasmine Williams was converted into a second goal, this time from Bella Morris. Phoebe Gregory had her debut in the ladies 1s this game, making countless saves, with the help of Hermione Ball in defence. Despite this incredible play however, following a string of short corners against them, Whitchurch conceded a goal. This didn’t stop them though, and before long a third goal was scored by Whitchurch by Hayleigh Busby, from a beautiful reverse stick shot.

After a much needed break at half time, Whitchurch came back onto the pitch strong, and within minutes Mollie Bell scored a second goal. Tillie James and Chloe Lloyd held a solid defence on the right side of the pitch, keeping out any attacks from Macclesfield.

Despite the lack of subs, Whitchurch didn’t tire, and a fifth goal went in before long, from a deflection on post from Hayleigh Busby. As the final whistle blew, one last short corner was won by the team, which Cath Gresty put on the backboard, leaving the score at 6-1 as the game ended.

Ladies 1s are at home next weekend playing warrington.

Match Reports – 29-10-22

Crewe ladies 3s 2 Whitchurch ladies 2s 1

Whitchurch started off the stronger team with some great passing between Lydia Jones, Lucy Hearn, Poppy Gilbert and Sophie Jones but Crewe’s defence was solid and stopped the ball getting to Sue Read up front

Whitchurch controlled the attacking field and within the next few minutes Whitchurch scored with textbook play passing from Hayley Kellett to Heidi Carr to Phoebe Jones who crossed in the ball to Sophie Jones who elegantly slipped it past Crewe’s goalkeeper.

Crewe came back very determined, but Emma Stubbs, Freya Gresty and Rachael Chester’s fought back defending the goal. The ball was passed up the pitch to Maisie Bennett, Poppy Gilbert and to Sue Read who then drove the ball through defenders and made many attempts on goal. Whitchurch dropped their guard for a minute and Crewe saw an opportunity taking Whitchurch by surprise scoring an equaliser.

The second half started off pretty much the same as the first! There was some great passing from Lucy Hearn , Lydia Jones, Heidi Carr and Phoebe Jones but again Crewe’s defence kept Whitchurch out of the Dee . Crewe seemed very determined and had multiple short corners all saved by goalkeeper Phoebe Gregory and the Whitchurch defence. Hayley Kellett made an amazing run one on one with Crewe’s forward and managed to keep her from taking a shot. Unfortunately, just before the final whistle Crewe scored leaving Whitchurch were very disappointed but for positive next week’s game when the play Winnington park.

Players player went to Hayley Kellett

Whitchurch ladies 1s 5 Golborne ladies 1s 2

Whitchurch ladies 1s entertained demoted Golborne 1s this Saturday and certainly showed them what they were made of.

The game’s first half was fast and feisty, Whitchurch attaching hard, but Golborne had a lucky break and scored within 5 minutes.

Whitchurch quickly fought back with a run along base line from Captain Cath Gresty and a great deflection by Georgia Munro. Defensive players Chloe Lloyd and Hayleigh Busby cleared any other opportunities that Golborne had in the first half, passing out to Tilly James and Mollie Bell.

Whitchurch settled into a great game and held strong positions, swamping Golborne. Some great triangular movements up the pitch by Jaz Williams, Captain Cath and Lisa Sullivan gave Munro a touch again to take the lead at half time.

After the break Golborne started as they did in the first half, with a strong pass up into the dee for them to score a second.

There were plenty of runs up the pitch by Bell and Sullivan putting plenty of pressure on the Golborne defence. Winning a run of short corners Bell made one count to take the lead 3-2.

Whitchurch worked well together to cut out any breaks Golborne had. Hermione Ball sent the ball up to forwards Bella Morris and Munro and a skilful run for Munro got her a hattrick and gave Whitchurch a comfortable 4-2 lead.

Golborne didn’t give up but began to tire, but keeper Holly Edwards again showed her calmness as took on the Golborne attacker to make an amazing save.

With 5 minutes to go Whitchurch continued the pressure and played mainly in the Golborne 25, Jasmine Williams scored from open play a 5th and final goal for Whitchurch.

Whitchurch ladies 3s 5 Alderley Edge ladies 7s 0

The ladies 3s received a walkover and 3 points after Alderley Edge failed to raise a team. The ladies 3s are now hoping for a regular run of matches up to the Christmas break.

Deeside Mens 4s 4 Whitchurch Mens 1s 4

Whitchurch returned to play after an extended break from half-term and a team withdrawing to play local rivals Deeside, and were frustrated not to come away with all three points after a strong start to a game which they dominated for large periods. The Reds began well, moving the ball around and making decent runs for each other, and the pressure paid off, with Luke Beddow’s persistence ensuring the scramble in front of the goal ended in his favour with a good shot through the keeper.

A second goal followed a few moments later as George Latham took the ball around their keeper for the second, and the momentum was fully with the Reds. The Deeside keeper was keeping them in the game, making several fine saves, but Whitchurch were working well as a team. Deeside did finally get a break, picking up a short-corner for a foot in the dee, and converting with a fine waist-high flick over Paul “Sturge” Leigh’s diving save.

Going into the break 2-1 up was a fair reflection of the first half. Captain Jack Barnes picked up the Reds’ third goal from a well-worked short-corner, but Deeside were getting short-corners of their own at the other end, and were converting them successfully to bring the scores level. Beddow continued to show his strong development with some excellent work at the back post from another Whitchurch short-corner, deflecting in the wide pass from Barnes to pick up his second and the Reds’ fourth, but a lack of composure late on in the second half meant that Whitchurch kept giving the ball away, making unnecessary passes, running into trouble and eventually it paid for Deeside, who picked up their fourth short-corner goal to level the scores at the final whistle.

A frustrating day, with plenty of excellent work undone by a drop in concentration and composure in the final minutes of the game meaning that the spoils were shared on a day that Whitchurch could have forged ahead in the league. They go again next week at home against Alderley Edge