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Match Reports – 20-11-21

Golborne Men’s 2s 0 Whitchurch Men’s 1s 9

Whitchurch travelled away this week to an under-strength Golborne team who’ve yet to win this season and were having to borrow players from their 3s to make up numbers, but the Reds – who were top of the league through goal difference by only a single goal – knew they needed to make the most of their opportunity to ensure they stayed in first position. Their task was complicated by Paul “Sturge” Leigh being stuck in traffic on the M6, so for the first quarter of an hour the Reds played without a keeper. However, given the additional outfield player instead, it actually gave Whitchurch a competitive edge: as long as Danny Foulkes could keep the ball away from their high man, the Reds had an overload up front and it wasn’t long before Chris Ruscoe got on the scoresheet with a shot that the keeper was only able to knock down into the goal rather than clear.

This opened the floodgates, with Whitchurch 4-0 up by half-time, and 9-0 by the end of the game, with Ruscoe getting a second, Tom Forster picking up one, and both Jack Barnes and Luke Beddow getting hat-tricks. Whitchurch put together some lovely passing hockey, taking advantage of an opposition who had moments of excellence, but struggled to put together consistent play and had a habit of giving the ball back to Whitchurch too often and too easily. Sturge, now on the pitch in goal, was rarely called upon as the defence continued to mark well, with Steve Kay picking up the last-man cover role, and Whitchurch put in good work across the pitch – including great commitment from Scott Lawrenson who slid across the astro to stop a ball going over the Golborne byline.

The second half did have a drop in tempo, and cards were shown as tempers frayed, but Whitchurch kept their heads and their concentration to finish the game well and put some distance between them at the top of the table. They have two home games coming up against Knutsford and Deeside Ramblers where they hope to continue their progress.

Whitchurch ladies 2s 6 Crewe vagrants ladies 4s 1

The ladies 2s started strong and fast, scoring two goals in the first five minutes from Amelie Morris with the aid of Jasmin Williams, Louise Whitley, Phoebe Jones, Freya Gresty and Bella Morris. Whitchurch used the wings efficiently and tactically between Louise Whitley, Heidi Carr and Lydia Jones on the left. The consistent breaks of the Crewe Vagrants defence lead to a third goal scored by Jasmin Williams.

Whitchurch maintained most of the possession throughout the game despite the strong defence put out by Crewe. However, Crewe’s defence was unmatched by Whitchurch’s. Emma Stubbs, Hermione Ball and Megan Nicholson managed to keep out all but one goal. Megan made some fantastic saves throughout the game giving Crewe no advantage.

Whitchurch started the second half with a stronger attack scoring another three goals. One very deserved goal from Beth Wright despite the many opponents she had faced throughout the game. As well as two from Bella Morris with the assistance of Jas Williams and Beth Wright.

Whitchurch continued to have the stronger side and possession. Heidi Carr and Poppy Huxley made some successful runs with the ball due to the stronger central defense of Jasmin Williams, Lydia Jones and Freya Gresty.

The final score was 6-1 to Whitchurch, a well-deserved win.

Players player was Amelie Morris


Whitchurch ladies 1s 0 Cheshire Blues ladies 1s 2

Whitchurch 1s faced a tough home match against unbeaten top of the league, Cheshire Blues.

Whitchurch started strong, passing around the middle and making some breaks into the Blues D. Whitchurch’s defence Chloe Lloyd and Gayle Ladd worked well to prevent Cheshire blues scoring from their strong attacks but any shots on goal, keeper Holly Edwards bravely saved. Mid players India Freer, Lisa Sullivan and captain Cath Gresty worked the ball up the pitch for some chances on goal from Jasmin Williams and Emily Curzon. However they were unable to get a goal and the half time score was 0-0.

After a well-deserved break the second half became tough, having no subs meant Whitchurch were beginning to tire.

Hayleigh Busby and Mollie Bell worked incredibly hard working the ball wide up to Holly Gilbert and Williams.

Cheshire blues remained strong and managed to have many breaks into Whitchurch’s D. They won a short corner and scored their first goal. Whitchurch kept fighting, but the Blues took every chance they had and scored a second into the nets top corner. Whitchurch had a chance when they won a short corner, but a very strong defence stopped Whitchurch in their tracks and getting on the score sheet.

Match Reports 13-11-21

Whitchurch Men’s 1s 3 – Leigh Men’s 1s 1

Whitchurch returned to winning ways this week with a well-earned victory over the league-leaders Leigh 1s, who hadn’t lost a game all season. Leigh showed their skills from the start of the game, with some great individual work and ball control and Whitchurch knew they had a game on their hands from the off.

Paul “Sturge” Leigh was again the bedrock from which the Reds were able to build – excellent diving saves, and constant communication gave Danny Foulkes, Sam Conway, James Partington and Alex Fry the time and information they needed to be able to control the ball at the back. In front of them, Scott Lawrenson, Joel Leese, Jack Barnes, Sam Conway and Joe Coburn in the second half, took control of the middle of the pitch, running well for each other as well as controlling the tempo of the game. Up front, Luke Beddow, Tom Forster and Ben Elson moved around nicely, drawing Leigh players away from the channels for the Reds to attack through.

The first half was a well-balanced affair, with Whitchurch never able to take a break from the constant pressure from Leigh, but in an improvement from recent weeks, the marking was solid and the movement and cover between players who had tracked away from their positions was impressive, so there were never any gaps in the Reds’ defence. Leigh would attack down their left wing, showing great stick skills and speed, but each time they were shepherded by a Whitchurch player, and if they did get past, another player was there to apply yet more pressure, all the way down the side-line before forcing the Leigh player to do something – which often would end in a loose pass and a turnover which Whitchurch were immediately turning into their next attack. Those attacks down the Reds’ right wing were becoming effective, despite some excellent defending and tackling by the experienced Leigh back line, and resulted in Barnes pinging the ball in from the right corner of the pitch across the dee, where Beddow was waiting to pounce with a deft glancing shot to put the ball in the goal and give Whitchurch the lead.

Leigh’s response was skilful and quick, but when they could get their final pass onto a stick, Sturge was on form, as was Ruscoe who put in some excellent last-ditch sliding tackles. Leigh were able to win some penalty corners, but weren’t successful with any of them, as some excellent running-out and tackling, and composure on the ball from Fry and Foulkes meant that the Reds were able to clear and build again.

1-0 at half time reflected the closeness of the game, but that score line wasn’t long-lived as a poor clearance out from a Reds’ sixteen went straight to the Leigh forwards, who ran it straight back in, and Sturge was only able to make a partial save and the ball rolled into the goal. Whitchurch reset, and showed the grit they’ve found this season and didn’t let their heads drop, and built again. Ruscoe was able to tear down the right and win a penalty corner, and although the injection wasn’t trapped cleanly, it allowed Coburn to get it and fire it in for Barnes to bury it into the net in impressive style.

There was a period of frustration for both sides which ended with some green cards being shown to both teams as they each fought hard for the win, but that fire and passion which was driving both squads on meant a tense and competitive second half where Leigh could easily have picked up a goal or two if Whitchurch’s concentration had been anything less than spot-on. Marking remained tight, movement off the ball was good, and Whitchurch were able to open up the pitch and make plenty of time for themselves to pick their passes and find their runs. Some good ball control through the Leigh 23 metre area ended with Elson crossing the ball to Leese for a contender for goal-of-the-season, with Leese showing great composure waiting for the keeper to commit himself before launching the ball into the net. Elson himself was very unlucky not to get a goal of his own, with a lovely tap on a quick pass in just looping over the crossbar.

By the end of the game, Whitchurch had taken control of the play and were able to defend well and attack at pace, and showed some of their best hockey of the season. 3-1 at the final whistle gave them the three points, and they should return to the top of the league of goal difference, overtaking Leigh to do so. They are away for an early start at Golborne next week, in a game that they’d hope to repeat the levels they reached this week to maintain their place at the top of the table.

Whitchurch Ladies 3s 4 Macclesfield ladies 4s 0

The first win of the season for Whitchurch Ladies 3rds

Whitchurch were the strongest side during the game with Lisa Sullivan covering most of the pitch.

The game started with Whitchurch driving hard in the oppositions D and kept up constant pressure on the opposition with several goal mouth scrambles.  Whitchurch did not allow the opposition much possession keeping them pinned back.  A short penalty was awarded but the goal disallowed as Lisa lifted the ball in the D.

Lucy Hearn, Eleanor Beecher, Freya Gresty, Jessica Hunt and Megan Brunyard kept the ball moving in the middle and getting the ball to Sue Read in the D who was unlucky not to score during the game.

Captain Wendy Cooper sent a strong injection to Lisa who put Whitchurch ahead scoring from a short corner.   By half time Whitchurch had scored two further goals putting them in command of the game.  Lisa scoring one of them and Lucy her first goal for Whitchurch Ladies.

The second half, Whitchurch defence of Alice Page, Emma Clarke, Mel Reid, Wendy and Jan Teggin had to work harder but Whitchurch were still the stronger side with Whitchurch scoring they fourth and final goal of the game and Lisa’s hattrick.

As Whitchurch mature defence tired towards the end of the second half, Macclesfield came more into the game and came close to scoring on several occasions, but the defence held firm giving Whitchurch a 4 – 0 outcome.

Mel Reid was voted Players Player.

Next week the ladies 3’s travel away to play the other Macclesfield team in the league, Macclesfield 3’s

Wilmslow ladies 3s 2 Whitchurch ladies 1s 6

Despite the early start to this week’s game, with a 10:30 pushback in Wilmslow leaving Whitchurch’s team sleepy eyed, they started the game full of energy. Within minutes they had taken the upper-hand, and some strong attacks were made down the left side of the pitch from Holly Gilbert and Izzy Huxley. These attacks continued, and before long, Cath Gresty managed to score the first goal for Whitchurch, with a beautiful strike on goal.

However, Wilmslow fought back, and shortly after they conceded, levelling the score, at 1-1. This did not discourage Whitchurch, who came back twice as strongly, and after some incredible breakthroughs from Mollie Bell at left half, they won a short corner, which was converted to another goal by Molly Fry.

Again Wilmslow came back though, and despite some wonderful saves made by Holly Edwards, they won a short corner, and managed to scrape a goal from it. Whitchurch’s spirit did not falter, and they continued to battle. Alice
Parton made countless runs down the right of the pitch and transferred the ball up to Molly Fry, who took it into the dee and placed it into the goal, once more putting Whitchurch ahead to 3-2, when the half-time whistle sounded.

After an inspiring talk from Captain Cath, they set out again, determined to keep their advantage over Wilmslow. Chloe Lloyd made countless tackles, continuously squashing their attacks, and, assisted by Hayleigh Busby, shifted the play up the field. Before long, a shot was played to the back post, which Izzy Huxley hit from mid-air into the goal. This goal scoring continued, with Caitlin Edwards
crossing the ball into the dee, which Ellie Pearson easily placed into the bottom corner of the goal, furthering this goal difference.

Ellie Pearson scored a final goal, leaving a very comfortable 6-2 win for Whitchurch.


Alderley Edge ladies 7s 1 Whitchurch ladies 2s 2

Whitchurch ladies 2s travelled to Macclesfield to play Alderley edge 7s on Saturday

Whitchurch needed to play hard with only 11 players

From the start there was good passing from both teams. Megan Nicholson made some crucial saves to keep Whitchurch in the game as Alderley edges attacks were coming thick and fast.

A break meant Alderley edge got the first goal, but Whitchurch weren’t giving up,

Alderley edge had numerous short corners which were well defended by Whitchurch.

Whitchurch used the widths of the pitch with Chloe Lloyd driving the ball wide from the back and up to Jas Williams in centre half, who pivoted the ball from the centre and distributed it out to Tracey Tolhurst and Louise Whitley on the left of the pitch.

Alderley Edge continued to fight strong with all players having to run towards to ball to gain possession for their team.

Lydia Jones produced strong tackles in defence to keep Whitchurch in the game. As Whitchurch began to tire it was up to Emma Stubbs and Hermione Ball to stop Alderley edges attacking runs.

As Alderley edge had 11 outfield and no keeper, Whitchurch knew they had to push hard to get the ball up the pitch in order to score. Bella Morris and Phoebe Jones worked well as a team passing to each other to drive the ball down the line, the ball was then passed to Williams who out skilled the defence and slotted the ball into the goal.

Once Whitchurch had gained back their energy during the half time talk, they were ready to fight for the win.

Amelie started as centre forward and to Alderley Edge’s surprise, drove the ball up the pitch. Tolhurst and Jones followed to support the attack, with many runs made, the Alderley edge defence continued to pick up the bouncy balls.

Whitchurch did not give up, with Williams continuing to channel the ball out of the centre this allowed Whitchurch to gain possession and Bella Morris drove the ball down the line, which was neatly crossed to Amelie Morris who netted the win.

Whitchurch ladies 2s were overjoyed to have won, and to be part of the winning weekend.

Match reports 08-11-21

Whitchurch ladies 2’s 4  Runcorns ladies 2’s 3

The ladies 2’s had a slow start but soon began to pick up the pace when they received many attacks towards the dee within the first half. This forced the defenders Emma Stubbs and Hermione Ball to closely mark players and tackle when possible. With the aid of Poppy Huxley, Molly Fry and Lydia Jones, Whitchurch managed to keep up a strong barrier against Runcorn. Although, many excellent saves were made by goal keeper Megan Nicholson, Runcorn managed to score a goal.

However, thanks to some strong passes and teamwork between the attackers Bella Morris, India Freer, Amelia Morris, Emily Cozon and Sam Freer, a fantastic goal was scored. Before the whistle was blown for half time, Runcorn scored another goal.

After an inspiring team talk during half time, Whitchurch began playing much better in the second half. With powerful passes and tough tackles. Whitchurch managed to keep the ball in the opposition half for most of the remaining time. This gave them time to make some incredible goals one set up perfectly by Lily Harnden and an opportunity to display their full potential.

Overall the score was 4-3 to Whitchurch with the goals scored by Lydia jones, Emily Cozons and two from Amelie Morris. The well-deserved player of the match was Molly Fry. This was a well-deserved win and ladies 2’s are certain to do well this season.

Whitchurch Ladies 1s 3 Oswestry ladies 1s 0

The ladies 1s played home against Oswestry 1s this Saturday, unusually quiet and mellow game.

Whitchurch had majority of the possession, attacking calmly up the wings using Caitlin Edwards and Sophie Ward on the right side. First goal came from a ball across the dee to Lisa Sullivan who picked out Izzy Huxley to push past the keeper.

Oswestry struggled to get into the Whitchurch dee, keeper Holly Edwards having a very quiet game, as all balls were cleared by Emma Harper and Chloe Lloyd. Their second goal was shot into the dee by Captain Cath Gresty for again Izzy Huxley to deflect onto the back board.

A run of short corners but Oswestry defence was strong.

Half time and 2 – 0 up, Whitchurch came out and continued to pressure Oswestry,  but with 8 defence in front of the goal made it difficult for many more goals, lots of attempts made by Mollie Bell, Hayleigh Busby and Sullivan, then Alice Parton found a gap to get their 3rd.

Oswestry defended well and continued to do so thought the rest of the game.

Final score 3-0 to Whitchurch Ladies 1s.

They play away for an early game at Wilmslow next week.

Wilmslow ladies 5s 3 Whitchurch ladies 3s 1

Whitchurch ladies 3’s travelled to Wilmslow on a damp afternoon for a 4.30pm start.  A lovely pitch to play on, pity a complete pole of lights were out!

Only 5 minutes after Whitchurch winning first pushback and with excellent manoeuvring skills between Poppy Gibert, Freya Gresty and Jasmin Williams they had the ball in the scoring zone and like a fire cracker Eleanor Beecher rattled the backboards, scoring her first goal this season!

Wilmslow advanced the ball down the pitch and were awarded a number of short corners but Whitchurch’s defence of Mabel Hazelhurst, Chloe, Emma Clarke and Keeper Louise Cottrell kept the ball from crossing the line.

Whitchurch continued with the strong attack and kept the ball for the majority of the first half in Wilmslow’s defence with Tracey Tolhurst and Lucy Hearn feeding the ball in from the left and the right.  Whitchurch had a number of shots on goal but Wilmslow prevented them from scoring. Just 5 minutes before the halftime whistle Wilmslow travelled with the ball down the pitch scoring their first goal from a short.

Following a strong team talk by acting Captain Clarke and some jelly sweets Whitchurch started off strong, gathering good pace with excellent passes between Poppy, Freya, Jessica Hunt and Jasmin found themselves soon in the scoring zone and were awarded a number of short corners but just couldn’t quite find them boards.  Wilmslow picked up steam pushed down the pitch keeping Whitchurch’s defence of Chloe and Emma very busy but managed to slip in a 2nd goal passed the Keeper.  Elsie May Cottrell was brought in to defend her first short corner and did a sterling job preventing Wilmslow from scoring from the post. The second half was fought through driving rain leaving all players very wet, cold and tired. At the final whistle the score was 3-1 to Wilmslow.

Players player was Jasmin Williams

A massive well done to all players today! Big thanks to; stand-in Captain Emma Clarke also Penny Hearn, Tracey Tolhurst and Louise Cottrell for the transport!

Next week Whitchurch 3’s welcome Macclesfield 4’s for a home game!

Match Reports – 16-10-21

With both the Ladies 2s and Men’s 2s games cancelled.

Whitchurch Ladies 1s 7 Crewe ladies 2s 0

Whitchurch Ladies 1s played Crewe Vagrants 2s at home. Whitchurch controlled the game, fighting for every break and leading to their first goal with Izzy Huxley scoring off a deflection from Nina Hodges. Passes were sharp from Whitchurch, out on the wings to Caitlin Edwards and Holly Gilbert. Plenty of shots into the dee were rewarded with a short corner allowing Lisa Sullivan to fire onto the backboard with a straight strike.

Not long after that Molly Fry calmly scored from another short corner. Crewe made a couple of breaks that were quickly picked up by Chloe Lloyd and Heidi Groom clearing up the pitch, one of which Holly Gilbert collected and took round the keeper for their 4th goal.

Whitchurch pressured Crewe constantly throughout the game, Nina Hodges putting away a deflection as Whitchurch kept firing balls into the Crewe dee. Just before half time, another short, a pass to Captain Catherine Gresty who drove the ball round the defence to get their 6th goal.

Half time came at the perfect time as Whitchurch Ladies were tiring. Crewe came out hard playing more aggressive and gave keeper Holly Edwards a harder half but she made every save and kept a clean sheet for Whitchurch. Hayleigh Busby playing at the back had a fantastic defensive game, saving a shot on the goal line from a Crewe corner.

As Crewe dropped back it made it incredibly difficult for Whitchurch to score. Crewe frustrated in the last quarter as Whitchurch forwards battled, firing in balls for deflections and pushing through the middle by Mollie Bell. Lisa Sullivan took her opportunity, dribbling into the dee and shot into the back of the net for goal number 7.

Players player was awarded to Captain Catherine Gresty, next week is a rest Saturday for the ladies 1s.

Deeside Ramblers ladies 4s 4 Whitchurch ladies 3s 1

Whitchurch ladies 3s travelled away to Deeside Ramblers home ground at Tiverton to take on the team the ladies 2’s played last week.

Whitchurch won the toss and took the first push back and came straight out with a strong attack. Freya Gresty and Poppy Huxley worked hard on the left wing to keep the ball in the oppositions dee. Some strong passes from Alice Page and Jasmin Williams saw Louise Whitley take several shots on goal but she was unable to get the ball past Deeside keeper.

After a strong attacking first half with some excellent interceptions from Annie Leigh who soon sent the ball back up to the Whitchurch forwards, Deeside got to get the ball past keeper Louise Cottrell a minute before half time.

After half time, Whitchurch continued to attack but Deeside had upped their game and soon

capitalised by scoring their second goal about five minutes into the second half. The Whitchurch defence of Mel Reid and Hermione Ball worked hard and made some excellent clearances to prevent Deeside access to the goal. Whitchurch’s keeper made an excellent save and ended up on the ground but managed to use her pads to get the ball out to Wendy Cooper who cleared it out of the dee and up to Bella Morris who worked well with Lucy Hearn and Jan Teggin to drive the ball back up the pitch.

Unfortunately Deeside proved the stronger side and managed to slot three more goals past the

Whitchurch defence. In the last 15 minutes, Whitchurch lost Alice Page to an injury after being hit but this seemed to spur them on. Deeside gave away a short corner in the final couple of minutes, which Whitchurch took swiftly, the ball came off a foot of the opposition and another short corner was given just as the final whistle went. Whitchurch regrouped and following an excellent injected ball, Jasmin Williams went on to score Whitchurch’s one goal of the game.

Players player was given to Bella Morris who played a sterling game in the midfield.

Next week, Whitchurch ladies 3’s play their rescheduled away game against Runcorn Ladies.