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Academy Hockey Starting Up Again – Saturday 10th April

Young boy playing hockey on a green pitch

We are very pleased to announce that from Saturday 10th April 2021 we will be able to run academy coaching sessions again from 10-11.30am on the astro at Sir John Talbot’s school.

Academy sessions are traditionally for U12s (Year 7 and below), due to the impact of covid we will also be inviting any juniors who want to attend, in order to allow those older players who don’t feel confident enough to attend senior training (which is starting up from 7th April) to work on their core skills.  If in doubt about the right sessions to attend, just ask.

We will be applying the same Covid measures as earlier in the season (good practice social distancing and hygiene precautions). Please follow the guidance on the club website before attending as you will need to:

For now, could you please reply to to indicate whether your child(ren) will be planning to attend.

Given how few outlets they have had for the last few months, I’m sure they will be raring to go, and it is a great time to encourage any friends to come along and take part.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the pitch in a few weeks!

Whitchurch Hockey Academy – starting again 26th September 2020

Message from Alex Fry, Chairman, Whitchurch Hockey Club

I hope you and your families are all well.  We’ve been cautiously getting hockey back up and running in recent weeks, starting with senior training, and over the next few weekends our first matches.
I’m pleased to say that we are now looking at Academy sessions, with the aim of starting from Saturday September 26th, in our normal 10-11.30am slot.  Apologies for the length of this email, but please take the time to read it carefully!
With hockey being classed as a so-called ‘Covid-secure’ activity, England Hockey have set out clear guidelines and procedures which we need to follow in order to deliver sessions in the current circumstances.  Most of these are common-sense precautions around social distancing and hygiene measures, but they are also running a contact-tracing service, which means that anyone taking part needs to be registered with England Hockey, so that any infections that do occur are recorded, and others participating in their sessions can be notified.
Our new club secretary, Anna Latham, has taken on the role of Covid Officer in order to ensure compliance, and we complete risk assessments for all of the sessions we run.
Due to the additional constraints and extra workload, our plan is to open Saturday Academy sessions to all Junior players – i.e. anyone under 16 who is not participating in Senior hockey.  (In general, we encourage players who are 13 and over to get involved in Senior hockey, but recognise that some players are not yet confident enough for this.)  For the foreseeable future we will not be running additional Junior sessions on Wednesday evenings, but will try to cater for as many over 13s as possible within our Senior sessions.
To get started, we need to establish how many juniors will be attending, and start the process of registration.  So, if you are interested in your children attending Academy, please complete the following two steps:
1.  Register each child with England Hockey using the link below – if your child is already involved in county hockey, you can also register them for this activity at the same time:
(We will be able to see the list of registered players via our Covid Officer’s access, so you don’t need to forward the confirmation email you will receive.)
2.  Email to confirm that you have registered your child(ren) and to let us know you would like them to participate in Academy sessions.
If there is sufficient interest and no changes in the current England Hockey and government guidelines, we will be in touch to confirm the start of Academy sessions and provide details of the specific procedures we will be following.
Finally, Crewe Vagrants are still hoping to run their Sunday junior tournaments this season, and we have been invited to take part on the dates below.  However, we will definitely need some additional support in order to organise and run teams at these events, so please let me know if you would be happy to volunteer to help with any of the age groups.
U8 + U10
4th Oct 2020
1st Nov 2020
17th Jan 2021
7th Feb 2021U12

11th Oct 2020
15th Nov 2020
24th Jan 2021
21st Feb 2021
18th Oct 2020
22nd Nov 2020
31st Jan 2021
28th Feb 2021
I hope that’s all clear, but if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email or call me to discuss, and especially if you are not sure whether your child should be attending Academy or Senior sessions, and for more information on what we’re doing on Wednesday evenings.
I look forward to hearing from you, and getting hockey back underway for all our junior players!

Alex Fry
Chair, Whitchurch HC
07770 623471

Keep up to date with all the latest information on the website

Shropshire Hockey Academy Centre programme for 2018-19

The Development Centres in June/July saw about 120 players attending across 6 centres in the county. Many of these players were new to Development Centres. The provisional Academy Centre programme is attached and also has details of how new players should register.

  • U17 is for those born in 02; U16 is for those born in 03; U15 is for those born in 04
  • U14 is for those born in 05; U13 is for those born in 06, 07, 08

So in summary,

  • U13 girls will have a 3 week coaching and assessment programme at Meole Brace from 6 to 8 pm starting on Thurs 13 September. Cost £42 for 3 weeks or £30 for those who attended the summer DC. Pay on first session.
  • For all ages of boys – Pre-Season AC coaching Sun 16th September at Shrewsbury School. Cost £5 pay on day.
  • 10am to 12.00  for U13 and U14s;   12 to 2.00pm for U15 U16 U17
  • For all ages of girls (except U13) – Pre-Season AC coaching Sun 16th September at Meole Brace. Cost £5 pay on day.
  • 11.30 to 1.15 for U15 U16 U17;    1.15 to 3.00pm for U14
  • Sun 7th October AC assessment and coaching for all age groups of boys and U15 U16 U17 girls. Cost will be reflected in AC Season fees.
  • Thurs 3rd October U14 girls assessment and coaching at Meole Brace from 6 to 8 pm Cost will be reflected in AC Season fees.

All new players who have not registered with England hockey before must register with Shropshire on the England Hockey Player Pathway System (PPS) by clicking the link below

Please Select Shropshire Development Centre Summer 18 Boys / Girls, from there we will then be able to allocate you to the correct squad for the 18/19 season.

This system is fully GDPR compliant and will give us all the necessary parental consents and emergency contact numbers which will be securely held. It will also inform us of who and how many players are going to be attending.

Thank you all.

If you have any queries please contact me, 07941 444037 or

John Beckett ( Boys ) 07814 518615

Shropshire Hockey Academy Centre programme for 2018-19

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